From Entry Level to Expertise- Accounting Jobs in London for Aspiring Accountants and Graduates


From Entry Level to Expertise- Accounting Jobs in London for Aspiring Accountants and Graduates

Accountancy jobs pay well in most countries when you have the right skills. If you are a graduate or about to be one and are currently on the lookout for accounting jobs in London, stop right here and read this article first.


To get a few things straight, you must know that everyone has to start somewhere if they want to go to the top of the chain. You can get any type of job if you have the right expertise and skills. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of it.


Here are some things that you need if you want to get a good accounting job in London:


  • A Graduate Degree

  • Good Experience

  • Skills

  • Any certifications or specializations


A Graduate Degree

It’s quite simple that in order to be able to apply for graduate accounting jobs, you must hold a bachelor’s degree. 

If you think that you can get a highly-paid job without a degree then you need to check the facts because every top accounting firm needs a bachelor's degree at least. 


You won't need to go to a fancy university to get a job at any accounting firm. All that you need is a degree to start looking for jobs related to your career.   


Good Experience

You will get entry-level accounting jobs if you are a fresh graduate with no experience. However, if you want to get a job that pays you well then you know the drill. All you need to do is gain experience as much as possible. 


Once you have good experience and your resume is top-tier you can apply to all the good accounting firms in London. 



Skills are another important asset when you want to build your CV and get a good financial accountant job


Here’s a short example. If you are two choose between two people where one of them graduated freshly with skills but the other graduated a couple of years before them with no skills, who would you hire?


Most people would go with the former person because they have skills. This is where you need to learn skills. 


You can have skills side by side while graduating from a university so do not waste any time and start getting your CV in the right direction. 


Any certifications or specializations

The last, however, not the least important thing is to have additional certifications and specializations. 


If you think that you are competent enough to gain additional certificates while studying for an ACCA or CA degree then you must not waste any opportunity. 


Go to as many seminars as possible and participate in them so that when you are applying somewhere your CV shines so bright that they are not able to reject you. 


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