What are top paying jobs in finance?


What are top paying jobs in finance?

Finance jobs are some of the most well-paying jobs in the entire industry and for all the good reasons. Jobs in finance are not only well paying but also have other benefits as well. This is why most people in London and its suburbs look for finance degrees. 

Let’s have a look at a few of the jobs in finance you must be applying to after your graduation. Following are some of the job titles we will be discussing today alongside their job roles and annual salaries. 

So, gear up, let’s find the perfect job fit for you.


  • Finance Director
  • Finance Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Commercial Finance Manager
  • Head of Finance


Finance Director


It might be hard to directly find a finance director job after your graduation because it requires a lot of experience and expertise. However, you must know what are the key roles of a  finance director.

As the title suggests it is heavy-duty, a finance director is asked to look at all the chief finance operations in the finance department. They have to overview and help others in creating long-term financial reports for an organisation. 

Every finance decision has to go through the director and without their approval, you cannot make any changes in the department. They often help in setting different finance policies for the company. 

In London, a finance director gets an annual salary of around  £135,983. So, if you have the right expertise you must start hunting for the job roles in different firms. 


Finance Controller


A finance controller is another high-paying job that you can go for after your graduation., Most of the students try to get internships during their summer breaks and the roles they get are usually small because they don't have the expertise yet. 

However, a finance controller is not a small job. Here are some of the duties of a finance controller. 

They have to provide the company with accurate finance records for the month and at the end of every year, Moreover, they are also liable to provide the company with guides that will help them in decision-making.

If you have an experience between 3-5 years, you can earn up to £75,000 - £110,000 In London.  


Finance Manager


A finance manager has to look at all the finance operations going on in the firm. They also have to do comprehensive financial planning and analyse all the balance sheets for the firm. 

They are also liable to look at risk management and ad-hoc projects and requests. The average annual salary of a finance manager in the UK is £39844

Finance Business Partner


In most companies and countries a finance business partner is also known as an accountant. 

Since they work in close relationship to a particular business unit they have to create a harmony between operations and management. 

They make different financial and accounting procedures for the client to help them in securing their finances. They also provide their clients with certain financial advice. 

The annual salary of a finance business partner in the UK is £55,000 - £85,000.


Head of Finance


Every financial task is done under the supervision of the head of finance. There are certain roles that you have to do as head of the finance team and some of them include:


  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual result forecasts

  • Approve or reject budgets

  • Manage risk and conduct risk management activities

  • Evaluate and make decisions regarding investments

  • Oversee a team of Accountants

  • Allocate resources and effectively manage cash flows

  • Perform profit and cost analyses

  • Develop secure procedures to safeguard confidential information

  • Ensure compliance with financial regulations for all accounting activities and internal audits

  • Consult with board members on funding options

  • Recommend solutions to reduce costs


The annual salary of the head of finance in the UK is £86,058. 


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