What is a Job Posting Website and How Does it Work?


What is a Job Posting Website and How Does it Work?

Job posting websites, also known as job boards or job portals, are online platforms that connect job seekers with employers or recruiters who are looking to hire. If you are looking for the best job postings websites in London you have come to the right place. 

Basic Protocol of Job Posting Website

These websites typically allow employers or recruiters to post job openings, and job seekers to search and apply for jobs. The basic protocol of how a job posting website works is as follows. 

Companies or recruiters create an account and job postings

They register on the job posting website by providing their company information, creating a username and password, and often paying a fee to access additional features. They then create detailed job listings that include job titles, job descriptions, qualifications, locations, and other relevant information about the position. They may also include contact information for applicants to apply.

Job postings are published

Once the job postings are created, they are published on the job posting website and made available for job seekers to view and search.

Searching for jobs

Job seekers can use various search criteria, such as job title, location, salary, and industry, to search for relevant job openings on the website.

Applying for jobs

Job seekers can typically apply for jobs directly through the job posting website by submitting their resume, cover letter, and other required documents, either through an online application form or by contacting the employer or recruiter directly.

Reviewing and shortlisting applicants

 Employers or recruiters review the applications they receive and may shortlist candidates for further consideration.

Employers or recruiters communicate with applicants

They may communicate with shortlisted candidates through the job posting website or via other means, such as email or phone, to schedule interviews or request additional information.

Interviews and Assessments 

The hiring process, including interviews, assessments, and background checks, takes place outside of the job posting website, typically between the employer or recruiter and the job seeker.

A job offer is made

If a job offer is made and accepted, the employer or recruiter and the job seeker finalize the hiring process, typically outside of the job posting website.

The job posting is closed

Once the position is filled, the job posting is typically closed or marked as filled on the job posting website. Job posting websites are widely used by employers, recruiters, and job seekers alike as a convenient and efficient way to connect job opportunities with job seekers.

How Job Posting Websites Help People?

Job posting websites play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with job opportunities and assisting employers in finding qualified candidates. 
Nowadays people don’t have to run to companies and drop their CVs when they can easily create an account and submit their credentials online. 

Job search convenience

Job posting websites provide a convenient platform for job seekers to search and apply for job openings from the comfort of their own homes. 
They can easily browse through numerous job listings, filter and refine their search based on various criteria such as job title, location, salary, and industry, and apply to multiple jobs with just a few clicks.

Expanded job opportunities

Job posting websites often have a vast database of job openings from various employers, including large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and startups. 
This provides job seekers with access to a wide range of job opportunities that they may not have otherwise been aware of, thereby expanding their job search options.

Increased visibility

Job posting websites allow job seekers to create online profiles, upload their resumes, and showcase their skills and qualifications. 
This helps them to increase their visibility to potential employers and stand out among other candidates. Employers can also proactively search for resumes in the database, potentially leading to more job opportunities for job seekers.


 Job posting websites streamline the job search process by centralizing job listings from various employers in one place. 
This saves job seekers the time and effort of visiting individual company websites or physically visiting job fairs or recruitment agencies, making their job search more efficient.

Additional resources

Job posting websites often provide additional resources for job seekers, such as career advice, resume writing tips, interview preparation guidance, and industry insights.

These resources can help job seekers improve their job search skills, enhance their resumes, and better prepare for interviews, increasing their chances of landing a job.

How to find the right Job Seeking Platform?

While there are many job search websites in London but the one that you must make your account on our We Hiring
It is one of the best job posting websites in London. It is possible that it is a platform where employers or recruiters can post job openings and job seekers can search and apply for jobs in the UK or a specific region.
To learn more about the website you should visit the website directly and review its content, features, terms of use, and privacy policy. 

Additionally, you can also search for reviews or feedback from other users or conduct due diligence to ensure the website is reputable and reliable before using its services for job postings or job searching purposes